Pointyhead Press OCAD Bookarts Fair

Every year approaching christmas, there is the OCAD book arts fair. In 2013, Don and I had a booth together showing Pointyhead Press and Deer Press books. Here is a small memory. How much fun!

Spark Box Studio

Spending time printing in the artist residency place in Ontario. Two years ago, I spend a week at the beautiful printing studio in Picton, Ontario. The beautiful house with studio has three rooms for artists to live and work... and also to use everything from letterpress printing, to screenprinting, solar plate printing and relief printing... basically everything one can dream off.

From morning till late, I was able to work in the studio. I got to know artists Maddy Moon and Randall Okita working on films and paintings... we shared inspiring conversations and meals. I remember the warm athmosphere and being welcomed by artists and printmakers Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping. Not only are they inspiring hosts, but also incredibly skilled in print making and art education. It has been such a great time and I was able to finish up my small book "Winter story" for my Travelling Exhibition project. Hope we see each other again...

Spark Box Studio

Buchkinder workshop in Leipzig

This weekend, I had the most amazing chance to attend a book storytelling workshop in Leipzig innitiated by Buchkinder e.V. Leipzig. The workshop intended to teach on how to work with children on book projects using drawing, writing and storytelling. It has been an inspiring two day workshop and participante have been incredibly happy to create small book projects. In the link below, you can find examples of our inspiring work.

Eindrücke * Ergebnisse * Präsentation

Being away from the mountains...

... is like a mystery for me. I dream of being there almost every day.


During my time at The Banff Centre, I was editoral and production Workstudy for the Banff Centre Press. I organized content and the production of the online magazine BOULDERPAVEMENT: Arts & Ideas. With the team, Literary Arts Director Steven Ross Smith, and many other Workstudies, we developed issue 1-13. I was part of issue 4-7 and it was a lot of fun to contact artists, edit and select work. I cooperated on the design with the designer Saki Murakami and designed posters, bookmarks and postcards to advertise the magazine.

We had great success, because our magazine was nominated for the Canadian National Magazine Award (Online) in 2012.

Unfortunately, the original magazine is no longer online. Online content is, and we have to remember this, only another media that is fading away if for whatever reason, something changes. Only, the three music videos that we were able to produce during that time with the Media & Film Department, and those are certainly worth watching.

BOULDERPAVEMENT: Arts & Ideas, is a multidisciplinary, multimedia, on-line quarterly published by the Banff Centre Press. Featuring lively, creative content for the Internet, the journal presents an array of forms including dance, music, video, sound and visual art, critique, poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing, by artists around the world. Stimulating words, sounds, and images provide a rich viewer experience in arts, ideas, nature and culture.

Summer Breeze - a Jazz Music Video, written and performed by May Cheung, vocalist
Accompanied by Jordan Peters, guitar & Alex Boneham, bass
Recorded in the Butterfly Garden by Film & Media, The Banff Centre, June 2011

Hey Velvet - Indie Music Video, written by Stefanie Blondal, is performed by Mise en Scene, the powerful indie rock duo of Stefanie Blondal (singer) and Jodi Dunlop (drummer). The music video was created by Deluxe Design Group of Calgary.

A gyroscope spins, turning to find a direction; fog ascends on mossy ground; morning sunlight shines through branches. Two mysterious fairies are on a journey through a misty forest. They clutch a metal jug that turns water to magical red fire. Where does their journey lead? From the still forest to an explosion of light and sound as we listen and watch the 'fairies' break into the rock song "Hey Velvet."

One morning in 1974, the world-renowned German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen awoke from a dream of three music boxes coming out of the belly of a “ bird-man”. This dream led Stockhausen to the composition of twelve short melodies, which he called ‘Tierkreis – 12 Melodien der Sternzeichen ,’ with each ‘tune’ related corresponding to a sign of the zodiac. He sought to realize the dream fully by rendering these pieces in music boxes.

For Boulderpavement's Summer Issue on Dreams, we filmed German accordionist Olivia Steimel reinterpreting the Aquarius (Wasserman) music box created by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

... coming back to the thought on how much I do miss the mountain. Having heard Canadian journalist Ian Brown giving a talk about what mountain do to us, my understanding is a bit wider. I do understand that mountains change us, they have huge impact in personal meaning, yes, because they confront us with ourselves and connect us more intimately with the people around us. I can say this for my time in Banff. Some people had huge impact and the memories are deep and beautiful.
Here is the audio recording to the talk by Ian Brown and article in the Globe and Mail.

Creating nature things ...

dream catcher - Herbal cream - dandelion capers - herbal quiche - dandelion honey

first thoughts

When I was young, I created a lot of different things out of different media. I used pipe wire to make little creatures, clay figures, I drew people and animals. I loved creating new things and was totally immersed in the work. Usually, it involved a story as well. With a friend, I used to walk around in the garden and played detective stories, play hide and seek, climbing on trees.

Until now, my art and media work involves creating stories or documenting a story. I like to use different media like photography, drawing, printing or film. So, I feel flexible enough to use what I feel works best for the story. I love to experiment and not always knowing the outcome, but usually I have the broad picture in mind which is a book or film project. I think creating art has a lot to do with reacting flexibly towards your environment and experimenting with an uncertain outcome. This is a very beautiful process.