Red Thread / artist book / 2018

We live far away from each other, yet still a thread connects us; the thread of life. We are connected through this thread to each other, to others, to the world. This thread links us, and holds us, through events, stories and even secrets. Friends, lovers or family are bond together through this thread. But also someone who we might share just a brief meaningful moment.
The thread between these two artists has been there since 2008. Since then, there has been an exchange of ideas and an ongoing shared artistic practice. Through this artist book each artist reflects on her work and the writing of Anni Albers. Taking inspiration from the story of Albers who first started her career at the Bauhaus School in Dessau Germany and then later relocated to North America to develop her weavings and to pass on her experiences. Albers through her work, also attempted to link both places, her personal history and cultural identities. Her weavings are complex and are considered visual art pieces within themselves where the thread playfully shows that “something is going on”: sometimes with a beginning, sometimes without, sometimes from the middle turning outwards or without a distinct ending.
The thread goes along, becomes a form or pattern. It wanders through the book ever changing. Often it remains indistinguishable which artist drew which page. Sometimes it becomes a story; sometimes it is simply a woven image.  Sometimes a pattern becomes visible; sometimes it remains abstract. Woven together intuitively, without a preconceived plan.  Sometimes there is fear in the story, sometimes love, sometimes joy, and sometimes invisible parts of our cultural memory show through. All in which are deeply rooted. All in which connect us … though a red thread.

Red Thread is a collaboration between visual artists Manuela Büchting (Germany) und Tara Ernst (Canada), also connected as the luddarts collective. Created in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2018.