Documentary Stories

In 2007, I became more interested in Documentary Making. I decided to join a group of ethnographers to go to Macedonia and learn and live with Roma.

I decided then to go study Documentary Media in Toronto. At that time, I was deeply interested in the work of the NFB and on the idea of us human beings documenting life around us. It became a question of perception.

I love documentary, in any form. Many things I see, seem to be worth documented, preserved and kept. Like precious gifts.

Here are a few precious projects I worked on. Many thanks to the people who shared their stories and songs of memories ...

Topaana / Video / 7 min. / 2007

Topaana is a small quarter of Skopje in Macedonia. There, I spend some time in a Roma family and got involved in the world of families, weddings and dreams. Streets are empty, but full of stories.


Sound of Shutka / Video / 23 min. / 2008

This film is a short impression of the music in Shutka, where the biggest Roma community in Europe lives. While spending time in Shutka, Macedonia, I got to know the greatest musicians of the community and the charismatic Muzo who writes their songs. Muzo is the source for many of the songs, and the preservation of Romani language and stories. From that source, we discover wedding music, dance, hip-hop and very talented Roma musicians that travel all over Europe to make music for life.


Buddha / Video in 2 parts / 2008

This is little documentary created by my friend Estelle and me. The video shows the workshop and process of building Buddha statues by the artist Richard Granado.


My Tannery / Super 8 and Video / 5 min. / 2007

When I was a child, I used to hang out in the ruinous tannery factory. Remaining are just memories that I collected in the film using old Super 8 footage and photographs. I travel back to a time that I have not lived in, but is part of my own history.