Deer Press aims to publish artist books, media booklets, magical poetry, illustrations, sound pieces, audio plays, experimental film, documentary, adventure ‘stuff’ and thoughts. Artists from Europe and Canada create and connect on ideas, collaborate, inspire and flourish.

to say or write something that wants to be said in words or images in the mind something sometimes and somewhere will become a form from which we see and hear new things or connect or create new forms or we find each other discussing or suddenly cooking around it

For the project Travelling Exhibition following artists are taking part:

Reg Beatty, Lisa Borin, Manuela Büchting, Hailie C, Tara Ernst, Alice Jaroschek, Leanne Johnson, Gregory Koop, Katja Langeland, Sara McKarney, Rick Miller, Ajla Odobasic, Jörg Ashley Petersdorf, Daniel Kincate Renton, Laura Rafferty, Echo Railton, Steven Ross Smith, Rochelle Rubinstein, Mélanie Saumure, Elisabeth Shipman, Johanna Springer, Don Taylor, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Cam Woykin, Anja Wronna, Lindsay Zier-Vogel